Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hello Autumn!!!

Gorgeous weather on Tokyo Bay~.
Finally the deathly humid weather is over and the past week has been wonderful and dry and COOL! In celebration of the refreshing autumn weather, I just want to share some photos I took the other day when I went to Gake Kannon in Tateyama! The lovely view in the photo above was taken from Gake Kannon.

Gake Kannon is the red building to the left.
Gake Kannon (officially called Daifukuji) is a temple built - just as you see it, on the side of an almost totally vertical cliff. Gake Kannon - and its surroundings! - are also strikingly photogenic.

I have a thing for taking pictures of these kinds of signs pointing places~.

But first, you have to make your way up this! No pain, no gain.
 I honestly have no idea what this is supposed to be - does anyone know? It was carved into the side of the cliff, and I was curious so I took a photo.

Tuuuurtle! So cute!
Also built directly into the cliff?
I wonder if people were allowed in here before?
Happy carving thing!!! This is a tengu(?) I think? It looks like a snake to me...
And...one last lovely view of the Tateyama area!
Gake Kannon was a very nice, close getaway! This is a really lovely place to just enjoy the view and relax. The day I took the photos it was still pretty humid, but perhaps now that the weather is a little drier, maybe you can see even further?

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